Conference Sponsors

Invitation to Sponsors

The BME-HUST 2016 International Conference in Vietnam will occur in October 5-6th, 2016 in Hanoi.

In parallel with the conference, a workshop on Biomedical Engineering also will be organized. It creates opportunities for people and medical companies connect together and exchange knowledge to promote potential future cooperation.

In the workshop, we will have exhibitions where products and services related to the topics of the conference can be presented. The facilities will be provided to sponsors, including:

  • Exhibition space, in a special area of the conference venue.
  • Tables, chairs, etc.
  • Other resources (on demand).

To make this event series successful, we are seeking support from organizations that could extend generous support to us. We promise that your contributions will be used for the right purpose.

The benefits of being sponsor or exhibitor are listed below:












Exhibition booth(s) 2 1 1 0
Exhibition duration (in days) 2 2 2 0
Ticket(s) to the banquet 4 3 2 1
Advertisement page(s) on program book 2 1 1/2 1/4
Logo with link on conference website x x x x
Logo on conference proceedings x x x x
Logo on backdrop x x x x
Logo on program book x x x x
Branding during breaks (rolling power-point presentation) x x    
Logo with link on the conference website until next conference x x    
Acknowledgement at the banquet x x x  
Having a presentation in workshop x x    


We look forward to hearing from you with delightful news about your decision in partnering with us

to make BME-HUST a wonderful conference.


Contact for sponsorship and exhibition information

  1. Dr. Nguyen Thai Ha

Chair of Organizing Committee

Head of Department of Electronics Technology and BioMedical Engineering

Tel: +84 904 277 585


Bank Account : 1221 0001 012140,  BIDV, Ha Thanh Branch

  1. Mr. Pham Manh Hung

Secretariat of Organizing Committee

School of Electronics and Telecommunications

Hanoi University of Science and Technology

Tel: +84 912470446

Address: 413, C9 Building; No1, Dai Co Viet St., Hanoi, Vietnam